Acoustic Soulfood

"Ein durchweg homogenes Album: real & pure Acoustic Soulfood. Aus dem Einerlei herausragend. Mit filigran leuchtenden Perlen wie *Waiting For The Night*, *Dreamer* oder *Yellow Tears*, *Sunset On The Boulevard* oder dem hypnotischen Knapp-8-Minuten-Opus *Drifting*"

Jochen Arlt

Nominator/Juror Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik


"Acoustic Soulfood" ist die dritte und letzte CD Veröffentlichung unter dem Namen 'Belzz'.  Ab 2019 gibt es die Songs in veränderter Form und mit deutschen Texten unter dem Namen 'Uwe Belz'.

Gitarre & Bass

… überzeugt Sänger & Akustikgitarrist U.W. Belzz auf “Iron & Gold”. Im weiten Feld zwischen klassischen amerikanischen Singer/Songwriter und ganz vielen Blues-Einflüssen singt er mit entspannter Stimme über Zwischenmenschliches.



Will You Miss Me    


Nothing left to say 

No more games to play

Nothing to believe in

How can I stop this feeling

Night turns into day

Everything feels so grey

It's time to walk away 

Love hurts anyway


Ohh, will you miss me, will you miss me, 

when I‘m gone


I'm better off without you 

That’s my point of view

There’s no time for sorrow

A least until tomorrow

Now I start to realise

There’s no way for a compromise

I don’t want to pay the price

For another roll of the dice


Ohh, will you miss me, will you miss me, 

when I‘m gone





grab my keys, push through the door

into the misty morning light

the road will tell me, where to go

the road will take me, to the place I know

Oh, that timeless feeling, puts me at ease

and I‘m singing this song of peace


landscapes are changing, 

under a blue sunny sky

driving forever, waving the sunset goodbye

shimmering city lights, 

getting brighter in the nighttime sky,


Oh, that timeless feeling . . .

I‘ve got peace in my heart

peace in my soul, I got to take it 

on a slow, slow roll


another night under the stars

another ride into the sun

places to explore, until the day is done

I turn on the radio

sing along with the songs that I know


Bridge & Chorus


Sunset on the Boulevard


Waiting outside a coffee shop

Trucks and cars passing by

People in a hurry

With their heads turned down

Sledgehammer in my head

Pounding through the void

Questions come but time ticks away

And I got to stay


Sunset on the boulevard

City lights chasing shadows

Sunset on the boulevard

Sounds and voices melting into echoes


Daylight’s fadin’ I feel the bruises on my soul

But there is still a long way to go

I got you and you got me 

All I want is to live a life in harmony 


The world is changing, it never stops

It goes on and on and on

We do our best, all that we can do

We can’t let go, we got to see this through 





orange skies over silent land

Hey old friend, here I am

Trains of thoughts disappear 

into the fast horizon

this old graveyard has it‘s own lullabye

a little late, to say goodby 


Hey old friend, where‘ve you been so long? 

Years went by I can‘t say what went wrong

I hope you lived the life you always wanted

Hey old friend, it‘s too late for answers

only questions remain


Pictures arise, 

from the backseat of my memories

Nothing stays the same, 

there‘s no one to blame 

I hope you hear this song, wherever you are

Hey old friend looking back

we had some good times


Riding on the wind


Eagle brought the message

To the chiefs of the world

But they shut their ears and prayed

To the neon gods they made

Eagle taught the ancient ways

To the children of the earth

That all people must be free

To choose their own paths 


Riding on the wind 

High above the world magically you sail

Take my prayer winged brother

Up to the sky on your unseen trail


All hatred and violence

Glaring out of my TV

I would trade them for affection

Real friendship and harmony

Rid yourself of confusion

Follow your own destiny 

Shrug off the everyday burdens 

That keep you from flying free






Your heart is pure as white snow

Your heart is pure as white snow

I’m drifting through the landscape of your soul

I’m drifting through the landscape of your soul


Take my hand and follow me down to the river

where we dance at the bank by a tree

Throwing ourselves into the gown of Love

diving into the deepness of you and me


I’m drifting I’m drifting 


Your heart is pure as white snow

Your heart is pure as white snow

I’m drifting through the landscape of your soul

I’m drifting through the landscape of your soul


I’m drifting I’m drifting 


Yellow Tears


I’m driving all day on a dusty road

No water, no food, no thought, no air 

A rental car with no A/C at a100and 5degrees

The blistering heat sucks all my energy


Yellow tears from heaven 

Yellow tears for you

Yellow tears from heaven

Out of the sky so blue


Your face, your smile, your body 

And your cool rags make me shiver

Let’s hit the brakes get out of the car

And cool down in the river of love




I don’t know where the rain is coming from

The sky seems so blue

The sun is yellow, the sand is yellow - and

All the little drops of rain are yellow too




Perfect Day


 I wake up and the sunlight meets my eyes

 Blue sky a lonely cloud is passing by

 The smell of coffee is in the air

 I know you’re downstairs, somewhere


It’s a perfect morning a perfect day

I feel like we could touch the sky

It’s a perfect morning a perfect day

It’s a perfect morning a perfect day


Let’s take a walk down to the stream

Lie on that mossy bank ‘n do some dreaming


If I were a king and you were a queen

My crown were the sky and yours the treetops




On a summer breeze 

Rides a promise for you and me

Spread your wings we‘re on our way


If I were a butterfly I‘d land on your hand

So give me a smile give me a kiss 

And let me tell you




Waiting for the Night


There’s a rainstorm coming 

But I’m lying in a barn

A bed of Straw to keep me warm

Like a hobo without a home

Waiting for the night 


Singing songs of love and songs of peace

The old time music puts my mind at ease

Like a hobo without a home

Waiting for the night 


There’s a faint light glowing in the west

I feel like a bird sitting in its nest

Like a hobo without a home

Waiting for the night


Living easy, free and proud

That’s what my life is all about 

Like a hobo without a home

Waiting for the night 




Running up that steep old hill

Got a burning void inside myself

Longing for your sweet, sweet company


Pictures of that time fading away

Memories turn into grey

I don’t want to loose you in the end 


I’m a dreamer; a fool for your love,

a poet and a singer,

singing straight from my heart 

I’m a dreamer; a poet and a singer

a fool for your love, right from the start


Screaming out loud from the top of the hill

Fate wants me to pay my bill

Rolling and tumbling down into the unknown


Let me tell you, time is a thieve 

With a dagger in his hand

Life is so brief; you can’t have it all, my friend 






There is a young dandelion

In a valley on a sunny day

Her roots are fast in fertile ground

Her head tilted to the sky


She thinks what a gorgeous day

Watching the clouds in the sky 

She doesn’t worry she doesn’t fear

She’s just happy right now and here

Oh what a perfect day

Time just passing by


Crime, War and Politics 

Have no place in her world

No cell phone, no Internet and no TV

She simply loves to be



Me, I’m lying beside her

Lost in dream

A meadow of a million dandelions

And one of them is talking to me


Will You Miss Me    

In diesem Song  geht es Trennung, Trauer und die Frage: "Wirst Du mich vermissen, wenn ich gegangen bin?"


... erzählt von meiner Leidenschaft, mich in meinem VW-Bus treiben zu lassen. Irgendwohin. Landschaften ziehen am Fenster vorbei, gute Musik, laut. Abschalten und geniessen.

Sunset on the Boulevard

Wenn die Sonne am Ende der Stadt versinkt, und die 1000 Lichter der City heller werden, dann ist es Zeit mit einem Glas Wein vor einem der zahlreichen Cafés in Paris zu sitzen und über das Leben zu sinnieren.


Meinem Jugendfreund Rolf gewidmet.

Ein Song über den Abschied und über Dinge, die man noch hätte machen wollen.

Riding on the wind

In der indianischen Mythologie ist es der Adler, der die Gebete der Menschen zum Schöpfer trägt. 


... ist ein eher meditativer Song, der zum Träumen und Treibenlassen einlädt.

Yellow Tears

Death Valley, USA, heiß, heiß, heiß - und ein Auto ohne Klimaanlage ...

Perfect Day

Wenn der Tag einen perfekten Start hat, die Sonne scheint, Kaffee am Bett ...

Dann ist alles gut, ein perfekter Tag!

Waiting for the Night

Kennst du das Gefühl, einfach loszuwandern, ab in die Welt? Vielleicht von einem Gewitter überrascht zu werden und in einer alten Scheune Zuflucht zu finden.


Liebeslied? Trennungssong? Oder über die Hoffnung? 

Für alle diejenigen geschrieben, die den Mut zum Träumen haben.


ein Song über den Löwenzahn und darüber, dass man in der Natur selbst von kleinen Dingen lernen kann, wenn man dazu bereit ist.